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World Environment Day concerns water pollution
Author:mafilter Source:mafilter Release Time:2016-08-30

June 5 is the first 42 "World Environment Day", the theme of World Environment Day this year, China is "a declaration of war to pollution." It aims to reflect on the pollution of urgency and arduousness of a clear understanding. Our country is a populous country, our country is not rich in water resources, coupled with the economic development of environmental destruction, water pollution is becoming increasingly serious and increasingly frequent water pollution people to ponder. In front of the ministries out of a total of the data, people are increasingly concerned about healthy drinking water.
      Worldwide, chronic diseases due to unclean drinking water caused more than 50%. How to protect themselves and their families, so that the tragedy caused by water pollution are no longer staged, it has become a popular topic. Clean drinking water is an important condition to protect our health. In many countries very area, using a home water purifier to filter water, water pollution is to avoid being affected by the best solution.
      US Buffett water purifier using German technology, from the specific water quality in all regions of China, the integration of Chinese style, can effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, algae and suspended solids, organic matter and so on. Wholeheartedly for consumers to create health, environmental protection, green home environment, and strive for the world, providing a green and safe water purifier for each individual, their contribution to a cause of environmental protection