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Gave birth to healthy drinking water purifier development needs
Author:mafilter Source:mafilter Release Time:2016-08-30

The small series travel to Europe, Central Europe seen everywhere drinking water in the streets, in hotels, at home, a faucet, you can unscrew the drink. Thirsty to drink a few mouthfuls walk home side edge contacts the laundry water to drink, do not worry about whether the hotel Get free bottled water, can greatly facilitate our lives.
      European ecological protection is very good, drinking water is entirely up to the national standards. Even so, in the supermarket, there are still selling household water purification device, seen drinking Europeans have more stringent requirements. Several peer group Friends of the Shanghai bought quite a few, but also said that they used to give their children buy a home. In China, some developed areas, the streets have been drinking water supply, but in most parts of China's family, but did not meet drinking water standards, a number of people began to look into the household water purifiers.
     With the continuous expansion of globalization, our good water purifier market development, drawing on the European advanced technology, has great development space and potential. From the demand point of view, China's demand for low people do not, and there are quite a part already have knowledge of clean drinking water, but why go far away to foreign countries, to buy water purifier back? These problems largely because of water-related standards development is lagging behind, many non-standard small factories disrupt the order of the water industry, driving up the price of water purifiers, bring people's mistrust.
      US Buffett water purifier, the introduction of Europe's leading technology, adhere to the "quality first", products sold in South Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and other countries, with sincere service and excellent quality in the industry set a good reputation.