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Situation and Analysis of domestic water purifier
Author:mafilter Source:mafilter Release Time:2016-08-30

China water purifier in our existence and development of nearly 30 years, but the market is still not a fully mature market, there is no standard industry norms, the authorities have not issued the relevant policies and regulations, resulting in market entry barriers lower. Each water purifier manufacturers in accordance with different interfaces and protocols standard production equipment, which resulted in the interconnection between different water purifier, interoperability difficult. And implementation of brand standards are not unified, there will be differences in the selection, leading to differences in production costs on.
      Secondly, the sale is not in place is an important factor in the rapid and healthy hair hinder purifier sheets. Water purification industry is essentially a semi-finished products, and services in the whole chain of the role is crucial. It requires a set of comprehensive pre-sale, sale, service, mainly related to pre-sales consulting, sales of water purification program, after-sales installation and subsequent maintenance, the whole service system are to enhance the consumer experience of water consumption who laid the brand awareness and satisfaction through word of mouth.
      Water purifier is a product of the times in our country as an emerging industry, development prospects are very impressive, in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, home water purifier home ownership rate less than 15%, other cities have lower rates. Sudden water pollution incidents, water plant filtration technology behind drinking water as well as the improvement of people's health awareness, so that more and more families more worried about the safety of drinking water. This shows household water purifiers development in China is still in start-up phase, on the other hand also shows the opportunities in this field. In this context, water purifier manufacturers will seize the opportunity to understand the focus on quality and service. You will be able to make achievements.