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Mafilter: water purifier is the best solution to deal with water pollution
Author:mafilter Source:mafilter Release Time:2016-08-30

Chinese market is due to industrial pollution caused by rapid industrialization, where industrial pollution is very important that the heavy metal pollution, which is a Chinese market specific topics. Contamination of Heavy Metal, heavy metal content of sludge measured under rivers and lake are high, 80% of rivers and lake are reflected the heavy metal pollution, some data are said to be economically developed areas, about 1/6 of arable land is contaminated. Pearl River Delta have a lot of electronics companies, a variety of industrial emissions, so that the Pearl River Delta, about one-third of arable land is contaminated. MEP latest headlines, our country has 250 million of residential areas close to the key polluting enterprises, nearly 300 million residents to use unsafe drinking water, and China lead pollution, coastal areas are the most powerful. After pollution road economic development and accelerated urbanization process of governance so that our country is currently facing serious water pollution situation and pollution prevention and control is a very diffuse long process.
      Water quality is not good, serious impact on people's health. In this case, the world and develop contacts closest coastal city first started to use a home water purifier, home water purifier market continued growth in demand. Current water purification technology products focused on film, pumps, water quality monitoring and other aspects of how to achieve product differentiation, to build strong technology, reliable quality, price of civilians is the pursuit of beauty product Buffett has always been. Buffett US household water purification technology to ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technology, for example, already has the world's leading level, can remove the harmful substances in water and retain trace elements and minerals, installing a home water purifier, you can make yourself and your family drink healthy water. We want to raise public awareness of healthy drinking water, to install a home water purifier, to bring his family to health, away from the endless stream of recent water pollution, while alleviating the phenomenon of looting mineral water.