Mafilter advantage analysis
1 Fitow beauty water service
Fitow beauty net water customer service in the first place, customer small is beautiful Buffett event, water purification agent Fitow beauty for each franchisee to analyze the actual situation, and put forward the scheme of agent, effectively, make the investment no worries franchisees.
2 water purifier brand Fitow beauty
The brand is a complex of history, goodwill, consumer experience, brand recognition and market Fitow beauty charm comes from the consumer recognition of the source of their Yumeifeite constantly upgrade. On 2011 CCTV advertising, Fitow beauty brand will appear historic leap, we firmly believe that the brand Fitow beauty of clean water will be the biggest reason for consumers to choose.
3 Fitow beauty water purification products
The power of the brand comes from the product quality. Fitow beauty as the brand for life, depending on the quality of water, from material to process, to produce from the equipment, each step has strict quality management, so we offer the consumer with first-class quality, environmental protection, health products.
4 Fitow beauty water price
Fitow beauty based on its water purification industry upgrading, positive flow supply chain, save the cost of raw materials through global sourcing, the implementation of large-scale production, reduce the production cost; according to different regional characteristics and consumer demand, to provide the reasonable design, reduce unnecessary waste, reduce product price.
5 Fitow beauty water policy
We carefully select agents, and provide complete protection and incentive for agents: rebate mechanism, exciting strict district protection, comprehensive training, customer service support service and perfect policy, let agents worry free, at the same time, the policy in the form of a contract signed, the protection of the rights and interests of agents.
6 water Fitow beauty market model
After 5 years of marketing net Fitow beauty water in the country a market model, accumulated the rich operation experience the successful operation of multi model agent market for the United States Buffett water market development, clean water proof Fitow beauty market management mode can stand the market test, a high degree of replication.
7 Fitow beauty water marketing net
The water purifier has a set of Buffett regional market development marketing program, from retail, group purchase and distribution engineering, four aspects of regional market development in recent years in the market repeatedlyspectacular, thanks Yumeifeite water always stand in the perspective of agents, the use of all available resources, the marketing idea and practice the combination of marketing policy.
8 R & D Fitow beauty of clean water
Fitow Beauty Science and technology and the development of clean water on the quality of life of people change, through the design of its powerful R & D and R & D department conform to the trend of water purification products, with the times, with the international trend and represents the most cutting-edge fashion, in the domestic leading level.
9 Fitow beauty water integrity
Forever integrity is the core value of Fitow beauty water view, Fitow beauty market operating in good faith for the premise, strictly abide by the rules and standards in the industry, and the enterprises and agents to form a community of interests, the use of company resources to help agents succeed, summed up a set of market management mode, with full conviction.